Commit c4875af8 authored by sage's avatar sage

Merge branch 'jb39097' into 'master'

Suggest developer-mode to rnd images by default.

See merge request !14
parents 1b8d1e8d 3b54e042
......@@ -347,15 +347,19 @@ bool SsuKickstarter::write(const QString &kickstart)
QStringList featuresList = deviceInfo.value("img-features").toStringList();
// Add developer-mode feature to rnd images by default
if (rndMode)
featuresList << "developer-mode";
QString suggestedFeatures;
// work around some idiotic JS list parsing on our side by terminating one-element list by comma
if (featuresList.count() == 1)
suggestedFeatures = QString("# SuggestedFeatures: %1,")
.arg(deviceInfo.value("img-features").toStringList().join(", "));
.arg(featuresList.join(", "));
else if (featuresList.count() > 1)
suggestedFeatures = QString("# SuggestedFeatures: %1")
.arg(deviceInfo.value("img-features").toStringList().join(", "));
.arg(featuresList.join(", "));
QString imageType = "fs";
if (!deviceInfo.value("img-type").toString().isEmpty())
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