Commit 881a7833 authored by Aard's avatar Aard

Rename flavour to flavourPattern, and introduce flavourName

parent 897e92d6
......@@ -333,6 +333,8 @@ QString Ssu::repoUrl(QString repoName, bool rndRepo, QHash<QString, QString> rep
// add/overwrite some of the variables with sane ones
if (rndRepo){
repoParameters.insert("flavour", repoSettings->value(flavour()+"-flavour/flavour-pattern").toString());
repoParameters.insert("flavourPattern", repoSettings->value(flavour()+"-flavour/flavour-pattern").toString());
repoParameters.insert("flavourName", flavour());
repoParameters.insert("release", settings->value("rndRelease").toString());
configSections << flavour()+"-flavour" << "rnd" << "all";
} else {
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