Commit 5aa8e4ae authored by Aard's avatar Aard

[ssu] Add warning for and ignore empty URLs on kickstart generation

parent 24f1b6eb
......@@ -100,11 +100,18 @@ QStringList SsuKickstarter::repos(){
QStringList result;
SsuDeviceInfo deviceInfo(deviceModel);
SsuRepoManager repoManager;
QTextStream qerr(stderr);
QStringList repos = repoManager.repos(rndMode, deviceInfo, Ssu::BoardFilter);
foreach (const QString &repo, repos){
QString repoUrl = ssu.repoUrl(repo, rndMode, QHash<QString, QString>(), repoOverride);
if (repoUrl == ""){
qerr << "Repository " << repo << " does not have an URL, ignoring" << endl;
// Adaptation repos need to have separate naming so that when images are done
// the repository caches will not be mixed with each other.
if (repo.startsWith("adaptation")) {
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