Commit 27af65c0 authored by Andrew Branson's avatar Andrew Branson

Merge branch 'jb47859' into 'master'

[repos] Kill ssud if it's running during upgrade. Fixes JB#47252

See merge request !36
parents 440090f0 e192ed9e
......@@ -201,16 +201,7 @@ if [ "$1" == 0 ]; then
getent group ssu >/dev/null && groupdel ssu
# Removing autogenerated droplets can be dropped eventually
# Just needed for a transition period
if [ -f /usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.ini ]; then
rm -f /usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.ini
if [ -f /usr/share/ssu/features.ini ]; then
rm -f /usr/share/ssu/features.ini
if [ -f /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini ]; then
rm -f /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini
# make sure an old ssud isn't still running
killall ssud
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