Commit 201570af authored by Marko Saukko's avatar Marko Saukko

Use the release() function for gettings release.

Signed-off-by: default avatarMarko Saukko <>
parent 81feebe7
......@@ -164,17 +164,17 @@ QString Ssu::repoUrl(QString repoName, bool rndRepo, QHash<QString, QString> rep
repoParameters.insert("flavour", repoSettings->value(flavour()+"-flavour/flavour-pattern").toString());
repoParameters.insert("flavourPattern", repoSettings->value(flavour()+"-flavour/flavour-pattern").toString());
repoParameters.insert("flavourName", flavour());
repoParameters.insert("release", settings->value("rndRelease").toString());
configSections << flavour()+"-flavour" << "rnd" << "all";
// Make it possible to give any values with the flavour as well.
// These values can be overridden later with domain if needed.
var.resolveSection(repoSettings, flavour()+"-flavour", &repoParameters);
} else {
repoParameters.insert("release", settings->value("release").toString());
configSections << "release" << "all";
repoParameters.insert("release", release(rndRepo));
if (!repoParameters.contains("debugSplit"))
repoParameters.insert("debugSplit", "packages");
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