Commit b56a523a authored by Matti Lehtimäki's avatar Matti Lehtimäki

Merge branch 'jb47166' into 'master'

[hybrisadaptor] Do not activate sensors during initialization. Contributes to JB#47166

See merge request !45
parents 24e73a77 1564cf23
......@@ -354,8 +354,6 @@ void HybrisManager::initManager()
m_sensorState[i].m_maxDelay = maxDelay;
setDelay(m_sensorArray[i].handle, delay, true);
setActive(m_sensorArray[i].handle, true);
setDelay(m_sensorArray[i].handle, delay, false);
sensordLogD("delay = %d [%d, %d]",
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