Commit 95d5295b authored by Herrie's avatar Herrie

sensorfw: Include updated patches for LuneOS and migrate to LS2 ACG model

Integrate patches for dbus and systemd currently applied during build in LuneOS. As well as migration to webOS OSE's LS2 ACG model.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerman van Hazendonk <>
parent 2b65a1a3
"role": {
"type": "privileged",
"allowedNames": [""]
"type": "privileged",
"allowedNames": [""],
"permissions": [
[D-BUS Service]
Exec=/usr/sbin/sensorfwd -c=/etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf
Description=Sensor daemon for sensor framework
After=dbus.socket ls-hubd_private.service
Requires=dbus.service ls-hubd_private.service
After=dbus.socket ls-hubd.service
Requires=dbus.service ls-hubd.service
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