Commit f7d3d68c authored by Rohan McGovern's avatar Rohan McGovern

tests: build autotests by default for qtdeclarative

Configure Qt with `-nomake tests' if you don't want the tests.

Reviewed-by: Jason McDonald
Change-Id: I1af6a231b9cfb8ecf3e3a0c932ead6ddff7bbe90
parent 03cfbe8c
......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ module_qtdeclarative_examples.depends = module_qtdeclarative_src
module_qtdeclarative_tests.subdir = tests = module-qtdeclarative-tests
module_qtdeclarative_tests.depends = module_qtdeclarative_src
module_qtdeclarative_tests.CONFIG = no_default_target no_default_install
module_qtdeclarative_tests.CONFIG = no_default_install
!contains(QT_BUILD_PARTS,tests):module_qtdeclarative_tests.CONFIG += no_default_target
SUBDIRS += module_qtdeclarative_src \
module_qtdeclarative_tools \
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