Commit efe0c53c authored by Charles Yin's avatar Charles Yin Committed by Qt by Nokia

Fix QQuickTextInput test failure on Windows

Task-number: QTBUG-24790
Change-Id: I1d78df79568389f8c59f99ace9e2d7685b5d8f0d
Reviewed-by: default avatarMartin Jones <>
parent 70a7c0e9
......@@ -4507,9 +4507,6 @@ void tst_qquicktextinput::undo_keypressevents_data()
<< Qt::Key_Delete
<< QKeySequence::Undo
<< Qt::Key_Right
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN //Mac(?) has a specialcase to handle jumping to the end of a selection
<< Qt::Key_Left
<< (Qt::Key_Right | Qt::ShiftModifier) << (Qt::Key_Right | Qt::ShiftModifier)
<< Qt::Key_Delete;
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