Commit e3c33c65 authored by Marius Storm-Olsen's avatar Marius Storm-Olsen Committed by axis

Make each module refer to its own bin/

Since modules cannot rely on QtCore having a build directory, nor
can they build the applications directly into $$[QT_INSTALL_BINS]
each module needs their own bin/. Add this path to each module's
pri file, so others can use their applications
parent 0fa8300e
QT.declarative.bins = $$QT_MODULE_BIN_BASE
QT.declarative.includes = $$QT_MODULE_INCLUDE_BASE $$QT_MODULE_INCLUDE_BASE/QtDeclarative
QT.declarative.private_includes = $$QT_MODULE_INCLUDE_BASE/QtDeclarative/private
QT.declarative.sources = $$QT_MODULE_BASE/src/declarative
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