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    Update item focus even if it doesn't have a canvas · d268ac6f
    Bea Lam authored
    Currently the item focus data is not updated if it is not in a canvas.
    This means a subFocusItem may be deleted when the item is outside of a
    canvas, creating a stale pointer when the item is moved back into a
    This change also means that the last item to set focus=true will now
    consistently get activeFocus. Previously if an item did not have a
    canvas and then was moved back into the canvas, the first item found
    with focus=true would get activeFocus.
    Task-number: QTBUG-24616
    Change-Id: Ia706bd6ba6bcbccd616b5019c7c0fae4c39afa7f
    Reviewed-by: default avatarAndrew den Exter <andrew.den-exter@nokia.com>
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