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      Ensure stateChanged signal connect matches disconnect · fcd0c681
      flypig authored
      A change to the connect signal introduced a lambda function, rather than
      calling stateChanged directly, so that the disconnect no longer matched
      the connect. This potentially prevented the disconnect from being
      applied correctly.
      This change matches the connect and disconnect up again.
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      [qtbase] Ignore Connecting states received after session has closed. Contributes to JB#46185 · 20a249c5
      flypig authored
      QNetworkManager keeps track of a single connected session (e.g. Wifi,
      mobile data) at a time. If the currently tracked session disconnects, it
      relies on receiving a status update from the session in order to trigger
      it to move to a different connection.
      As part of this, it also relies on the signals it connects to from the
      QNetworkSession being queued, because QueuedConnection sends its
      closed() signal before it sends its Disconnected stateChanged() signal.
      QNetworkManager disconnects the signals on receiving the closed()
      signal, but still needs to receive the Disconnected stateChanged()
      signal in order to trigger a switch to a different connection.
      Unfortunately, QNetworkSession can also send out Connecting
      stateChanged() signals after the closed() signal, and these are handled
      badly by QNetworkSession. The problemmatic sequence is:
      1. QNetworkManager receives a closed() signal and disconnects from the
      2. QNetworkManager receives a Connecting stateChanged() signal and sets
      itself to offline, but doesn't switch to another connection.
      3. QNetworkManager never receives any other signals from the now
      disconnected QNetworkSession, and so never changes state again and
      remains offline indefinitely.
      The only way to get out stage 3 is to go completely offline (e.g. turn
      off both Wifi and mobile data), because QNetworkManager also listens
      separately for offline/online signals. In contrast, disconnecting and
      reconnecting Wifi connections, or mobile data, without ever going fully
      offline, never gets out of state 3.
      This change forces QNetworkManager to ignore Connecting stateChanged()
      signals if they occur when there is no active QNetworkSession, so that
      stage 2 never happens.
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      [qtbase] Add configuration support for press and hold interval. Contributes to JB#44007 · 0a7761c1
      pvuorela authored
      Originally Mer side configuration was implemented with QtQuick2.conf,
      but Qt 5.3 added support for platform style on this.
      Qt default is 800, but overriding this now with Sailfish value 600
      as it's been done on password mask delay already.
      When rebasing against new Qt releases, this can be squashed with
      "[qtbase] Allow QGenericUnixTheme parameters to be configured."
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      [qtgui] fix crash when QWindow gets deleted. Fixes JB#42211 · 9399340b
      pvuorela authored
      Earlier crash fix on commit ad9eb805 caused another:
      ~QWindow() calls destroy() and if
      does asynchronous processing, QGuiApplicationPrivate::focus_window
      will be already deleted at the time focus change gets handled.
      Quite likely that focus change signaling isn't really proper with
      this, but then again it's not crashing and hasn't been proper earlier
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      Merge branch 'jb34613' into 'mer-5.6' · 70659f7d
      Raine Makelainen authored
      [mer][qtnetwork] Create new QNetworkSession from the new online QNetworkConfiguration. Fixes JB#34613
      See merge request !30
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      [mer][qtnetwork] Create new QNetworkSession from the new online... · 7b553df8
      Raine Makelainen authored
      [mer][qtnetwork] Create new QNetworkSession from the new online QNetworkConfiguration. Fixes JB#34613
      When network configuration configuration changes, use the QNetworkConfiguration
      argument within the slot as the QNetworkConfigurationManager::defaultConfiguration()
      points to the previous default configuration. Default configration
      in turn is wrong e.g. when turning WLAN on so that cellular is
      already enabled. This happens because the Qt Connman Bearer plugin finds
      the cellular AP from the access point list.
      Further, do not close QNetworkSession when changing from WLAN to cellular
      as the network session created for WLAN should be kept alive.
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