Commit 2b1c9f36 authored by flypig's avatar flypig

Merge branch 'jb47349' into 'mer-5.6'

Check alternative connections when connecting

See merge request !51
parents 7a6bb23f 22410ac3
......@@ -1651,11 +1651,6 @@ void QNetworkAccessManagerPrivate::_q_networkSessionStateChanged(QNetworkSession
qCDebug(lcNetworkAccess) << "QNAM: network session state changed:" << state;
if ((state == QNetworkSession::Connecting) && (!getNetworkSession())) {
qCWarning(lcNetworkAccess) << "QNAM: ignoring Connecting state received after the session closed";
bool reallyOnline = false;
//Do not emit the networkSessionConnected signal here, except for roaming -> connected
//transition, otherwise it is emitted twice in a row when opening a connection.
......@@ -1663,7 +1658,7 @@ void QNetworkAccessManagerPrivate::_q_networkSessionStateChanged(QNetworkSession
emit q->networkSessionConnected();
lastSessionState = state;
if (state == QNetworkSession::Disconnected) {
if ((state == QNetworkSession::Disconnected) || (state == QNetworkSession::Connecting)) {
Q_FOREACH (const QNetworkConfiguration &cfg, networkConfigurationManager.allConfigurations()) {
if (cfg.state().testFlag(QNetworkConfiguration::Active)) {
reallyOnline = true;
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