Commit 32b02aeb authored by Simo Piiroinen's avatar Simo Piiroinen

Bump profiled version to 1.0.12

Signed-off-by: default avatarSimo Piiroinen <>
parent 635d4fae
profiled (1.0.12) nemomobile; urgency=low
* [profiled] Use correct Emacs File-Local-Variable
* [profiled] Use dbus-gmain instead of dbus-glib. JB#51115
* [packaging] Remove deprecated rpm group tag
* [profiled] Remove contact adress from source code
* [packaging] Add %license
* [debian] Remove dbus-glib dependency. JB#51115
-- Simo Piiroinen <> Fri, 04 Dec 2020 13:43:55 +0200
profiled (1.0.11) nemomobile; urgency=low
* [profiled] Fix aarch64 build. JB#49681
Name: profiled
Summary: Profile daemon, manages user settings
Version: 1.0.11
Version: 1.0.12
Release: 1
License: BSD
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