Commit f91df7f0 authored by Denis Kenzior's avatar Denis Kenzior Committed by Slava Monich

simutil: Fix EF structure bit processing

The intent here was to find the contents of the 3 low order bits
according to Table 11-5 in ETSI 102.221.  However, the mask ended up
only grabbing the contents of the 2 low order bits.
parent 9d220ff9
......@@ -1419,7 +1419,7 @@ gboolean sim_parse_3g_get_response(const unsigned char *data, int len,
if (tlv[1] != 0x21)
return FALSE;
switch (tlv[0] & 0x3) {
switch (tlv[0] & 0x7) {
case 1: /* Transparent */
str = 0x00;
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