Commit 53e0c73e authored by markolem's avatar markolem

[nemo-systemsettings] Add debug home location changes. JB#40943

This change allows to install debug-home-location package, which moves
/usr/lib/debug to home (/home/.system/usr/lib/). Uninstalling the package will
move debug back to rootfs.
parent c6e14bfd
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* Copyright (c) 2013 – 2019 Jolla Ltd.
* Copyright (c) 2019 Open Mobile Platform LLC.
* Copyright (c) 2019 – 2020 Open Mobile Platform LLC.
* Contact: Thomas Perl <>
* You may use this file under the terms of the BSD license as follows:
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ class SYSTEMSETTINGS_EXPORT DeveloperModeSettings : public QObject
Q_PROPERTY(QString wlanIpAddress READ wlanIpAddress NOTIFY wlanIpAddressChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QString usbIpAddress READ usbIpAddress NOTIFY usbIpAddressChanged)
......@@ -57,6 +58,8 @@ class SYSTEMSETTINGS_EXPORT DeveloperModeSettings : public QObject
Q_PROPERTY(enum DeveloperModeSettings::Status workStatus READ workStatus NOTIFY workStatusChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(int workProgress READ workProgress NOTIFY workProgressChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool repositoryAccessRequired READ repositoryAccessRequired NOTIFY repositoryAccessRequiredChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool debugHomeEnabled READ debugHomeEnabled NOTIFY debugHomeEnabledChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(enum DeveloperModeSettings::InstallationType installationType READ installationType NOTIFY installationTypeChanged)
explicit DeveloperModeSettings(QObject *parent = NULL);
......@@ -68,6 +71,11 @@ public:
enum InstallationType {
QString wlanIpAddress() const;
......@@ -77,10 +85,14 @@ public:
enum DeveloperModeSettings::Status workStatus() const;
int workProgress() const;
bool repositoryAccessRequired() const;
bool debugHomeEnabled() const;
QString packageName();
enum DeveloperModeSettings::InstallationType installationType() const;
Q_INVOKABLE void setDeveloperMode(bool enabled);
Q_INVOKABLE void setUsbIpAddress(const QString &usbIpAddress);
Q_INVOKABLE void refresh();
Q_INVOKABLE void moveDebugToHome(bool enabled);
void wlanIpAddressChanged();
......@@ -89,6 +101,8 @@ signals:
void workStatusChanged();
void workProgressChanged();
void repositoryAccessRequiredChanged();
void debugHomeEnabledChanged();
void installationTypeChanged();
private slots:
void reportTransactionErrorCode(PackageKit::Transaction::Error code, const QString &details);
......@@ -104,7 +118,9 @@ private:
void setWorkStatus(Status status);
void refreshPackageCacheAndInstall();
void resolveAndExecute(Command command);
bool installAndRemove(Command command);
void connectCommandSignals(PackageKit::Transaction *transaction);
void setInstallationType(InstallationType type);
QString usbModedGetConfig(const QString &key, const QString &fallback);
void usbModedSetConfig(const QString &key, const QString &value);
......@@ -114,7 +130,7 @@ private:
QString m_usbInterface;
QString m_usbIpAddress;
QString m_username;
QString m_developerModePackageId;
QString m_packageId;
bool m_developerModeEnabled;
DeveloperModeSettings::Status m_workStatus;
int m_workProgress;
......@@ -123,8 +139,11 @@ private:
bool m_refreshedForInstall;
bool m_localInstallFailed;
QString m_localDeveloperModePackagePath;
bool m_debugHomeEnabled;
DeveloperModeSettings::InstallationType m_installationType;
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