Commit 650c9841 authored by larstiq's avatar larstiq

Merge branch 'devicelock-host-linking-order' into 'master'

[devicelock] Reorder nemodevicelock{,-host} libraries for symbol lookup. Contributes to JB#38751

See merge request !22
parents b6f4f79e a0d8ee2d
......@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ PRE_TARGETDEPS += \ \
LIBS += \
-L$$OUT_PWD/../nemo-devicelock -lnemodevicelock\
-L$$OUT_PWD/../nemo-devicelock/host -lnemodevicelock-host
-L$$OUT_PWD/../nemo-devicelock/host -lnemodevicelock-host\
-L$$OUT_PWD/../nemo-devicelock -lnemodevicelock
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