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    [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Use ResponseType if available to show calendar... · d44e8e9e
    flypig authored
    [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Use ResponseType if available to show calendar attendance. Contributes to JB#46554
    The ResponseType returned by an EAS server indicates how the user
    responded to a event invitation request (Accepted, Declined, Tentative).
    The ownerStatus is set to this value if available, which is used by the
    UI to display the user's attendance status.
    The previous behaviour used the list of invited users and attendance
    status assigned to each to determine the user's response. The EAS server
    won't always provide these values. Moreover, if the user has multiple
    email addresses for an account the address used for the invitation may
    not match the account username, preventing the value from being picked
    up. In case the value is available and set, it's still used in
    preference to the ResponseType.
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