Commit aed89475 authored by Slava Monich's avatar Slava Monich

Merge pull request #6 from special/master

[mms-engine] Fix incorrect parameter in mms_engine_handle_cancel
parents 7abc9889 f9a2ebb9
......@@ -288,12 +288,15 @@ gboolean
OrgNemomobileMmsEngine* proxy,
GDBusMethodInvocation* call,
const char* id,
int database_id,
MMSEngine* engine)
const char *id = NULL;
if (database_id > 0) id = g_strdup_printf("%u", database_id);
MMS_DEBUG_("%s", id);
mms_dispatcher_cancel(engine->dispatcher, id);
org_nemomobile_mms_engine_complete_cancel(proxy, call);
return TRUE;
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