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    [mms-lib] Workaround for broken MMS proxy IP address. JB#38990 · d0bf187e
    Slava Monich authored
    Some operators provide IP address of the MMS proxy
    prepending zeros to each number shorter then 3 digits,
    e.g. "" instead of "".
    That may look nicer but it's actually wrong because
    the numbers starting with zeros are interpreted as
    octal numbers. In the example above 023 actually means
    16 and 094 is not a valid number at all.
    In addition to publishing these broken settings on their
    web sites, some of the operators send them over the air,
    in which case we can't even blame the user for entering
    an invalid IP address. We better be prepared to deal with
    Since nobody in the world seems to be actually using the
    octal notation to write an IP address, let's remove the
    leading zeros if we find them in the host part of the MMS
    proxy URL.
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