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    [qmf] Set new IMAP folders to inherit SynchronizationEnabled flag. Contributes to JB#47389 · 00f846c7
    flypig authored
    This is to support configurable email folder synchronisation. Applies
    the following upstream patch.
    When new folders are received from the server, the client-side
    SynchronizationEnabled flag must be set for them. Previously they were
    always set to true, but if they're inside a folder that isn't being
    synced, this probably doesn't reflect the user's intent.
    This change makes it so that for IMAP any new folders received from the
    server will have the SynchronizationEnabled flag set to whatever value
    their parent has it set to. If they have no parent (i.e. are in the root
    folder) then the flag is set to true as before.
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