Commit 6268432c authored by Raine Makelainen's avatar Raine Makelainen

[messagingframework] Fix patch numbering. JB#50368

parent 10b0144e
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Patch26: 0026-Handle-encoded-word-s-containing-partial-characters.patch
Patch27: 0027-Allow-a-service-provided-folder-to-be-set-as-the-sta.patch
Patch28: 0028-Add-QMailMessage-CalendarCancellation-flag.patch
Patch29: 0029-Use-a-queued-connection-to-handle-accountsUpdated-si.patch
Patch23: 0030-Support-as-specifier-for-log-file-paths.patch
Patch30: 0030-Support-as-specifier-for-log-file-paths.patch
The Qt Messaging Framework, QMF, consists of a C++ library and daemon server
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