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    Implement iphb based timers for use from within mce · 6112f541
    spiiroin authored
    There are some mce state transitions that should be taken some time after
    display is powered off and device has potentially entered late suspend.
    These timers are re-evaluated when the device resume from suspend, but
    that might be too late and applications can end up making decisions based
    on mce state data that was frozen in time.
    There are nemo-keepalive interfaces that use libiphb for waking up from
    suspend, but those can't be used from mce because they depend on mce for
    keeping the device away from suspend via mce cpu-keepalive dbus-service.
    Add mce code module mce-hbtimer, which makes available: Timers that use
    regular glib timeouts, but are backed up by iphb wakeups in case the
    device gets suspended.
    About the backdated copyright blurb: The code dealing with iphb wakeups
    is derived from keepalive-heartbeat.c from nemo-keepalive package that
    was written by me for Jolla and uses the same license as mce - LGPL v2.1.
    [mce] Implement iphb based timers for use from within mce. Contributes to JB#28706
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