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      Merge branch 'jb46923' into 'master' · e48c7609
      Raine Makelainen authored
      [compositor] Fix incorrect variable type. Contributes to JB#46923
      See merge request !119
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      Merge branch 'jb47237' into 'master' · 9ff8bae5
      Raine Makelainen authored
      Implement option to explicitly keep VPN agent credentials.
      See merge request !120
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      [lipstick] Add option to keep VPN agent creds. Contributes to JB#47237 · 8c72dd4d
      Jussi Laakkonen authored
      Implemented option "KeepCredentials" into VPN agent to make it
      possible to prevent credential removal even though storage and retrieval
      is forbidden. An example case of this is the OpenVPN Encrypted Private
      Key password, which is requested in second prompt after the credentials.
      The password is not to be stored by VPN agent but is kept in memory and
      for this reason storage and retrieval are set to be false, but the
      credentials should not be cleared when the Private Key password is
      This change answers to that need. By default "KeepCredentials" is
      set to be false and is not stored in settings. But when explictly set as
      true, it will be recorded as "keepCredentials" and later used when
      creating response to the request. In the VpnAgent:respond() this value
      is utilized to not to clear the connection credentials if not explicitly
      set, as it defaults to false.
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      Merge branch 'jb38667_battery_low_notifications' into 'master' · 8def78cc
      spiiroin authored
      Rewrite battery notification logic
      See merge request !118
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      [batterynotifier] Rewrite battery notification logic. Fixes JB#38667 · 07798de0
      spiiroin authored
      Battery notifier uses deprecated context properties, triggers battery low
      warnings too often, does not trigger not-enough-power alerts at all, and
      in general is a bit unpredictable.
      Use appropriate mce / usb-moded property tracking methods instead of
      relying on statefs backed context properties.
      Replace organically grown ad-hoc rules for showing/hiding notifications
      with edge triggering state machine.
      Track all notifications managed by battery notifier instead of relying on
      "remember last 3 notifications launched less than 5 seconds ago" style
      Instead of using varying battery level delays for idle/incall/active
      scenarios, use fixed 30 minute interval which gets cut short if battery
      level drops while device is in active use.
      Use suspend proofed BackgroundActivity from nemo-keepalive for waking up
      to repeat low battery alerts.
      Instead of trying to co-manage charging notifications with usb mode agent,
      handle charging notifications explicitly in battery notifier and hide the
      notifications when they are expected to interfere with usb mode related
      Drop legacy unit test code that has zero relevance after changes.
      Charger type data is available in libmce-qt >= 1.2.0
      Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <simo.piiroinen@jollamobile.com>
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      [notificationmanager] Simplify unique notification identifiers allocator · 69564d16
      spiiroin authored
      The logic for notification identifier allocator is hard to read and it can
      in theory return values that are still in active use.
      Simplify the code by removing the failure path that is not going to get
      triggered in real life.
      Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <simo.piiroinen@jollamobile.com>
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      Merge branch 'jb45178' into 'master' · 91d18a58
      flypig authored
      Allow control of VPN credential storage/retrieval
      See merge request mer-core/lipstick!112
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      Add lipstick-specific VPN Agent documentation · 9764c79c
      flypig authored
      The main VPN Agent documentation can be found in
      connman/doc/vpn-agent-api.txt, which details the API used by connman to
      contact lipstick to request user credentials (triggering lipstick to
      display a dialogue to be filled out by the user).
      Lipstick provides some soft-extensions to the protocol, and this
      documentation explains them.
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      Increase robustness of VPN UI dbus interface · c8273b9a
      flypig authored
      Previously when contacted by connman to generate a VPN credentials UI,
      the code would assume values received by dbus were well-structured. This
      change checks the contents more carefully and adds missing values.
      The interface also now supports the 'control' Requirement.
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      [lipstick] Allow control of VPN credential storage/retrieval. Contributes to JB#45178 · af22e3e1
      flypig authored
      When using the VPN the UI can request credentials from the user. These
      can optionally be stored if the user selects the option to store them in
      the dialogue.
      There may be times when the VPN should prevent the user from choosing to
      store credentials. This change allows connman to request for them not to
      be stored.
      The controlling input comes from connman. The resulting UI is handled by
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      [lipstick] Stricten D-Bus policies. JB#45281 · d9e31aa6
      Slava Monich authored
      Specifically allow only calls to the services provided by lipstick
      itself. Just <allow send_destination="org.nemomobile.lipstick"/> is
      a whildcard which allows any process to use any service provided by
      lipstick. Let lipstick extensions and plugins install their own config
      files and drill additional holes in lipstick D-Bus policies.
      Also, D-Bus calls to mce are allowed by mce config, calls to dsme
      by dsme config - those statements don't need to be here. Let mce and
      dsme decide what's allowed and what's not.
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      [lipstick] Add busy notifications for usb-mode selection. Contributes to JB#44479 · 6a18938e
      flypig authored
      Plugging in USB PC connection can result in a USB mode selection box
      (e.g. showing Developer mode, Media transfer (MTP) Charging only).
      Selecting some options (e.g. MTP) can result in a delay while the
      connection is set up. Currently there's no indication that anything is
      happening while the connection is being established.
      This change adds a periodic notification and animation to highlight to
      the user that their request hasn't been ignored.
      It includes the following changes:
      1. Tied the charging notification logic to USB mode selection. Previously
      the "Charging..." notification would overlap the USB selection dialog,
      risking a dangerous information overload scenario. This change delays the
      charging notification until after the user has selected a USB mode option.
      This bends the truth a little, because the phone will actually be charging
      even while the dialog is visible, but hopefully this provides an
      overall better experience for the user.
      2. Refactored to move code from lipstick-qt5 to lipstick-jolla-home and
      improve the separation between lipstick middleware and the lipstick
      application layer.
      3. Updated to use new target property from QUsbModed.
      4. Untangled the QUsbModed events and modes for clarity, so they're
      now handled seperately, rather than being streamed together.
      5. Switched internally used slots to private methods.
      6. Renamed some properties and methods to remove duplicate reference
      to USB, for example from USBModeSelector::setUSBMode() to
      7. Require libusb-moded-qt5 >= 1.8 for building. This version is needed
      to allow access to the target property.
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