Commit 302a550d authored by pycage's avatar pycage

Merge branch 'jb31668' into 'master'

Ensure that the destination path for applying the delta rpm exists. Fixes JB#31668

Fixes the issue for more devel branch of libzypp where applying the first delta rpm from a repository failed.

See merge request !12
parents 202ab281 bd03b2e5
......@@ -418,6 +418,8 @@ namespace zypp
// build the package and put it into the cache
Pathname destination( _package->repoInfo().packagesPath() / _package->location().filename() );
// ensure that the destination directory exists
filesystem::assert_dir( destination.dirname() );
if ( ! applydeltarpm::provide( delta, destination,
bind( &RpmPackageProvider::progressDeltaApply, this, _1 ) ) )
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