Commit cfea6ec6 authored by spiiroin's avatar spiiroin

[usb-moded-qt5] Ignore reply to com.meego.usb_moded.set_mode() method call. JB#42756

The set_mode() method call merely initiates mode transition, and a separate
signal will be broadcast when/if it finishes.

Ignore set_mode() reply value, but leave the pending call handler in place
as it still has use from debugging point of view.
Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <>
parent 22a12aab
......@@ -398,10 +398,10 @@ void QUsbModed::onSetModeFinished(QDBusPendingCallWatcher* aCall)
if (!reply.isError()) {
QString mode = reply.value();
if (iPrivate->iCurrentMode != mode) {
iPrivate->iCurrentMode = mode;
Q_EMIT currentModeChanged();
// Note: Getting a reply does not indicate mode change.
// Even accepted requests could get translated to
// something else (e.g. charging only) if there
// are problems during mode activation
} else {
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