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      [signon] Bump version · 728c2cb5
      chriadam authored
      Bump version to 8.57 due to upgrade
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      Merge pull request #15 from mer-packages/testupgrade857 · 0453c4ea
      chriadam authored
      Update to upstream version 8.57
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      [signon-tests] Update test definition creation script · 45d48e12
      chriadam authored
      Given upstream changes, the test definition creation script had to
      be updated in order to produce correct definition xml.
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      Merge commit '7a9a4623' into testupgrade857 · 642210cb
      chriadam authored
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      Squashed 'libsignon/' changes from 087367d..aeb0cc3 · 7a9a4623
      chriadam authored
      aeb0cc3 Version 8.57
      9ace7ce signond: fix build of remotepluginprocess
      7ebe63d Tests: make database test more robust
      aae7494 signond: notify clients of credentials updates
      75af82e Merge branch 'no-static-plugin-lib'
      4acd15a signond: fix passing of DBus maps to plugins
      20dfcc2 lib: don't emit a critical warning on p2p socket failure
      6e9508a Build: add CMake config files for Qt5
      6e6e65e Version 8.56
      ef7a67a Make it easier to use with CMake by adding a Config*.cmake files
      38e3b0e lib/plugins: do not build a static library
      b70c02b signond: don't attempt demarshalling an invalid QVariant
      c6f6c35 signond: don't use qDeleteAll for children
      65e630e signond: fix a crash when deleting authsessions
      ee2c90e Tests: fix databasetest.cpp
      98fd3d1 lib, signond: avoid rewriting password with empty string
      e6ceb2d signond: on idle timeout, directly delete all AuthSessions
      cd561f5 Tests: increase test timeout for AuthSession tests
      d9f7761 Version 8.55
      eb14195 Build: reduce usage of CONFIG+=ordered
      e6c0633 Preserve value of IdentityInfo::storeSecret
      6026aa2 signond: if no extension is selected, pickup the first one
      ca5dbe5 signond: unregister the identity on disposable timeout
      9c5d224 Version 8.54
      c6def71 lib: set timeout for D-Bus calls to INT_MAX
      3ba656a Version 8.53
      86de9c9 signond: fix a memory leak and crash at exit
      e9dba8b Show pid of signonpluginprocess in syslog
      2c22721 Tests: do not fail if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set
      80f186a Tests: fix for out-of-tree builds
      0b9a67d Tests: do not build "untrusted" tests
      9b179d8 Tests: add access control tests
      db47a86 lib: an Identity with an ACL set is not empty.
      5e994e6 signond: create AccessRequests when AC is denied
      df8b037 signond: send error replies from SignonDaemonAdaptor
      159ed44 signond: let the adaptor register the objects
      7b8100e signond: allow overriding config dir
      b5f7485 lib,signond: pass owner information to client
      81963cd Tests: split signond-tests into multiple executables
      ef42bc4 Tests: cleanup removal of ACM tests
      c2742dd lib/signond: introduce AccessRequest class for ACM
      f1acc64 Tests: add tests for the SignOnExtensions library
      062b831 signond: empty ACL means "no access"
      9828d7e Remove MSSF and SMACK AC extensions
      ce64501 signond,lib: add connection param to ACM interface
      15f847b signond: let AccessControlManagerHelper see the DBus connection
      9ac30ba lib: make AsyncDBusProxy reconnect the signals as needed
      bc5105e Support peer-to-peer connections
      367b092 Use AsyncDBusProxy for registering objects
      e2cc560 lib: create SignondAsyncDBusProxy class
      9424994 lib: code cleanups
      f128405 lib: avoid race condition on destroyed remote objects
      5c79a35 lib: re-register AuthSessions when needed
      70d4815 lib: new way of handling non ready objects
      0b1a15f Tests: let signond be activated by D-Bus
      8b3b802 Signond: reduce usage of SIGNOND_BUS macro
      8826add Signond: handle D-Bus registration in daemon class
      4978a80 Convert QDBusArgument session parameters to QVariantMap
      62ff5e4 Version 8.52
      fa5b1c5 Mostly added const and & when doing iterating a QList without modifying the value. Also a .size replaced by isEmpty
      1d731ca Bunch of micro optimizations by doing things bit more Qt style
      82b0105 lib: allow storing a record with empty username and password
      a6035dd Make the dbus .service files content relative to INSTALL_PREFIX
      3936d4f signond: emit signals before returning a reply
      45c5009 Version 8.51
      6e2d0e2 Qt5: fix SignonExtension.pc
      5c04080 Inform signon-ui of identity removals and signouts
      fa03369 libsignon-qt: implement ACL retrieval
      git-subtree-dir: libsignon
      git-subtree-split: aeb0cc3540507027ee2c66dd24e60f3cbf55fee4
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      [signon] Update to upstream 8.57 · 03c615c1
      chriadam authored
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