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      Version 1.2.34 · a0b6b0d9
      Jussi Laakkonen authored
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      Merge branch 'jb48797' into 'master' · 3d193215
      Jussi Laakkonen authored
      Add support for DefaultRoute option for VPNs
      See merge request !47
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      [libconnman-qt] Support DefaultRoute VPN property. JB#48797 · b753f900
      Jussi Laakkonen authored
      Add support for setting default route property for VPN connections.
      ConnMan has this support already, there wasn't any UI or library support
      for it.
      ConnMan has the "DefaultRoute" option as string with values
      "true"|"false". Added conversion of DefaultRoute variant string to bool
      when receiving it from ConnMan and doing the vice versa at sending
      the content to ConnMan.
      Publish the value as boolean for components using the library. Store
      the value in m_defaultRoute if the setters and getters are used, which
      are also implemented.
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      Merge branch 'jb46120' into 'master' · cada1192
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      Convert VPN routes to/from dbus
      See merge request !40
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      [libconnman-qt] Convert VPN routes to/from dbus. Contributes to JB#46120 · 368f9840
      flypig authored
      The userRoutes and serverRoutes VPN properties are passed to connman via
      dbus in the following form.
      Variant array [struct {array [
          dict entry(
              string "ProtocolFamily"
              variant int32 4
          dict entry(
              string "Network"
              variant string ""
          dict entry(
              string "Netmask"
              variant string ""
          dict entry(
              string "Gateway"
              variant string ""
      These need to be converted to and from the appropriate datatypes used in
      QML and javascript. This change adds the conversion functions needed for
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      [libconnman-qt] Use SetProperty for multiple properties. JB#46120 · 0cc007af
      Jussi Laakkonen authored
      ConnMan upstream requested to have all property setting functionality
      behind SetProperty, and to drop SetProperties from the proposed patch.
      This change accomodates that change.
      SetProperty can accept DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY as variant. If the name is other
      than "UserRoutes" it will be parsed as an array of dict, as it would
      have been done with the removed SetProperties D-Bus method. The
      QVariantMap is wrapped inside a QVariant, and the string for message is
      set as "properties" to have the same value as in ConnMan vpn-provider.c
      D-Bus method registration, to accommodate also the potential future use
      of having requirement for the dict to be named as "properties".
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      [libconnman-qt] Set multiple VPN properties with one D-Bus call. JB#46120 · e7dc6978
      Jussi Laakkonen authored
      Changed to use SetProperties implemented to ConnMan vpnd when modifying
      the properties of a VPN connection. SetProperties accepts an a{sv} so
      the marshalled QVariantMap can be used.
      This improves the performance as only one D-Bus call is to be made when
      a VPN properties are saved. Downside is that error on individual
      property cannot be received. InvalidProperty is received only when all
      properties are invalid.
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