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    [libconnman-qt] Use SetProperty for multiple properties. JB#46120 · 0cc007af
    Jussi Laakkonen authored
    ConnMan upstream requested to have all property setting functionality
    behind SetProperty, and to drop SetProperties from the proposed patch.
    This change accomodates that change.
    SetProperty can accept DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY as variant. If the name is other
    than "UserRoutes" it will be parsed as an array of dict, as it would
    have been done with the removed SetProperties D-Bus method. The
    QVariantMap is wrapped inside a QVariant, and the string for message is
    set as "properties" to have the same value as in ConnMan vpn-provider.c
    D-Bus method registration, to accommodate also the potential future use
    of having requirement for the dict to be named as "properties".