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    • Tomi Leppänen's avatar
      [libcommhistory] Use minimized phone number to identify RecipientPrivate instances. Fixes JB#52774 · 16073d95
      Tomi Leppänen authored
      Minimized phone numbers are needed to compare numbers with different
      country calling codes correctly. Also in case of phone numbers it should
      in practice ignore localUid so instead of keeping it as is use only
      RING_ACCOUNT (which is the prefix of localUid for phone numbers) to
      identify those RecipientPrivate instances.
      This fixes problems with commhistory-daemon unit tests.
      It would be better to fix this so that libphonenumber was used to
      compare these values and localUid was correctly handled but that would
      require greater changes.
      Signed-off-by: Tomi Leppänen's avatarTomi Leppänen <tomi.leppanen@jolla.com>
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    • Bea Lam's avatar
      [libcommhistory] Combine tests into one package and clean up test files. JB#52802 · 1aaadeb6
      Bea Lam authored
      Combine unit-tests and performance-tests subpackages into a single
      libcommhistory-qt5-tests package.
      Instead of generating the tests.xml from individual xml files,
      generate it from a test.xml.in file that already contains all
      individual test entries. Also, combine the unit and performance tests
      into the same tests.xml file.
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    • Bea Lam's avatar
      [libcommhistory] Consolidate contact/recipient event models and fix unit tests. JB#48263 · 5566f3c1
      Bea Lam authored
      Remove SingleContactEventModel; move its features into
      RecipientEventModel, which now accepts either recipients or a contact
      id as the event filter. We can do without the class split for
      filtering events by saved vs non-saved contacts, and combining these
      into a single model simplifies the code base.
      RecipientEventModel can resolve contacts into recipients and also
      recipients into contacts (for e.g. when a recipient matches a contact
      that has multiple phone numbers). Instead of having multiple getEvents()
      functions, it now has setRecipients() functions to set the filter,
      then getEvents() can be called to execute the query.
      Remove ContactEventModel, and add DeclarativeRecipientEventModel as
      a QML wrapper around RecipientEventModel.
      Fix various issues in the unit tests where contact creation/editing
      were failing as they were operating on aggregates (which are read-only)
      rather than local constituents (which are writable). The unit tests in
      SingleContactEventModelTest have been moved into
      The unit tests now modify the main contacts database directly instead
      of creating a separate test database. This avoids test failures where
      the tests are accessing a QContactManager instance that is different
      from the one accessed via the SeasideCache in the library (to resolve
      contacts, for example).
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