1. 02 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  2. 01 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  3. 29 May, 2020 1 commit
  4. 27 May, 2020 34 commits
  5. 26 May, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge commit '28c09d18' as 'embedding/embedlite' · 24d15ada
      Raine Makelainen authored
      988045f9 [embedlite] Passing arguments to InitGeckoWindow by value. Fixes JB#49916
      2315baab [embedlite] Avoid dereferencing null allocator pointer. Contributes to JB#49875
      7be00bc5 [embedlite] Add package-manifest.in for the embedlite installer. Fixes JB#49872
      a3487421 [media] Enable ffmpeg decoding. Fixes JB#49556
      efd8bc47 [embedlite] Fix async/sync message handling. Fixes JB#49818
      e2932bba [embedlite] Get rid of unnecessary const_cast
      957c8643 Cleanup debug logs from the TabChildHelper
      dabf60d3 [embedlite] Deliver touch events to the web content in css pixel. Fixes JB#49810
      b535d736 [embedlite] Get IAPZCTreeManager from compositor parent. Fixes JB#49557
      d7bc1c1e [embedlite] Fix suspend / resume IPC return values. JB#49184
      5fcaafd5 [embedlite] Set surface size for compositor bridge parent. JB#49551
      4d7b4a87 [embedlite] Cleanup log output from nsWindow
      969274ab [embedlite] Fix LayerManager creation. Fixes JB#49551
      c069e3fd A simple script for parsing jar_maker calls from build output
      26b657aa [embedlite] Run faster build explicitly after normal make. JB#49712
      3ece0f6b [embedlite] Align moz.build a bit closer to b2g/android moz.build
      2776d27d [embedlite] Introduce build.mk for installer. JB#49712
      1e5184b9 Cleanup whitespaces
      4b377a94 [embedlite] Take scroll events from ScrollAreaEvent with the new API. Contributes to JB#49550
      85a3c8de [embedlite] Add EmbedInputData wrapper class for mozilla::InputData. JB#49613
      4c9383cd Merge branch 'omp-jb49549-remove-elsjsc' into 'sailfishos-esr52'
      35cec211 [embedlite] Remove the no longer needed Enter/LeaveSecureJSContext. Contributes to JB#49549
      3271cebe [embedlite] Fix nsWindow::Create overloading. JB#49551
      399f7a36 Merge branch 'jb49551' into 'sailfishos-esr52'
      2e296339 Fix installer pc file generation
      b7967c33 [embedlite] Create compositor parent in CompositorBridgeChild::InitSameProcess (part 1). JB#49551
      ab43a2a3 Fix minor coding style issue
      36f7702a Merge remote-tracking branch 'sailfishos/master' into sailfishos-esr52
      1f635f63 Merge remote-tracking branch 'sailfishos/master' into sailfishos-esr52
      72930323 [embedlite] Add GetCompositorBridgeParent helper to the nsWindow. JB#49551
      57677981 Cleanup unused include
      60af6d13 [embedlite] Split EmbedLitePuppetWidget into nsWindow and EmbedLitePuppetWidget. Fixes JB#35526
      55fc01ab Add missing implementation for the EmedLiteXulAppInfo
      95ed6c92 [embedlite] Make embedprocess to compile
      5ed68b24 [embedlite] Use LayoutDeviceIntRect and LayoutDeviceIntMargin instead of nsIntRect and nsIntMargin
      45dab3d2 EmbedLiteViewBaseChild API alignment
      8f6af3d6 More chagnes to EmbedContentController
      7f7c1168 EmbedliteViewBaseParent fixing... interface might still be wrong
      27059005 Fixing WebBrowserChrome
      0f5e8dfd [embedlite] Align TabChildHelper API
      0c2163fb Align EmbedLiteAppService -- SecureJSContext missing
      6c963fa9 Fix DirProvider, EmbedLiteXulAppInfo, and GeckoLoader
      7ca7c543 Try fixing ComPtrs
      3c12a663 Align EmbedContentController to new GeckoContentController API
      9615502a [embedlite] Align task posting
      c59c3f4f EmbedLiteWindowBaseChild fixing
      95720b8a Align EmbedLitePuppet widget API
      b5819697 Fix "qualifiers ignored on function return type" warnings
      b92bd1e8 Align NS_DECL_NSIWINDOWCREATOR2 implementation of the WindowCreator
      2d42f1f7 Add build configuration for embedding/embedlite
      a504d7a9 Use Unused.h instead of unused.h
      9a31b765 [embedlite] Add configuration for embedding and pc files
      c0e19801 More compositor API aligning
      ff12c915 Rename EmbedLiteCompositorParent to EmbedLiteCompositorBridgeParent
      06d49e40 Try to make embedding to build
      1a515c72 [embedding] Fix ipdl and related Bridge renames for embedlite
      4c1beadd Rename InputDataIPC to EmbedIPCUtils
      1d42ac85 Change application type from xulrunner to browser
      6f508aca Drop unknown configuration flags
      9a33fc33 [xulrunner-qt5] Reduce memory pressure during application startup. Contributes to JB#48786
      195fbf9c [nemo][embedlite] Better logging when preparing offscreen rendering. JB#48440
      ba21a869 [xulrunner] Fix embeded offscreen surfaces not being painted. Contributes to JB#48494
      a377b056 [nemo][xulrunner] Use libcontentaction for uri scheme handling. JB#47892
      ef1e4088 Cleanup build configurations and patches
      a6bc1875 [nemo][embedlite] Explicitly enable libproxy for Gecko build. JB#46345
      7e1b4262 [nemo][embedlite] Disable MSAA on mobile. Fixes JB#44402
      20b0417b [nemo][embedlite] Fix sync message handler call both global and frame message handlers. Fixes JB#45429
      c860945d Cleanup Compositor creation code path
      c5072a30 Call Shutdown upon EmbedLitePuppetWidget tierdown
      24dc4c33 A small style fix for EmbedContentController
      4d92b3b8 Cleanup obsoleted mouse event disptaching method
      edf708de [embedlite] Implement RequestFlingSnap. Fixes JB#44042
      5a219226 [embedlite] Switch to use APZEventState (async pan&zoom) for input handling. Fixes JB#44361
      5deab23f Remove unused variables and method declarations
      229f23b5 Improve trace logs
      249d8b7d [nemo][embedlite] Schedule update for a view. Contributes to JB#44721
      ed777c75 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mer/master' into mer-esr45-v2-3
      ecd66e3e [embedlite] Add better guard for dispatch event
      e80e35a4 [nemo][embedlite] Align EmbedLiteViewBaseChild's RecvSetIsActive to nsPresShell::SetIsActive. Fixes JB#44342
      d3f701d4 [embedlite] Enable DNS prefetching
      3336d6ad [embedlite] Cleanup obsoleted fullscreen API prefs. Contributes to JB#44129
      689d46d0 [embedlite] Fix (de)serialization of JSON messages. Fixes JB#37190
      9f175ec7 [embedlite] Do not leak internal strings out from embedding API. Fixes JB#44123
      eae05f47 [embedlite] Fix input context handling. Fixes JB#37182
      e24992f3 Improve trace logs
      fbd52273 [embedlite] Fix scroll event pipeline. Fixes JB#37171
      c4df861b [embedlite] Add implementation for UpdateZoomConstraints. Contributes to JB#37171
      023e1e94 [embedlite] Cleanup unused method and make constructor without arguments private
      e55570c8 Fix EmbedLog.h header
      b244cbba [embedlite] Drop touch start tolerance default value. Contributes to JB#39581
      23ddbbaf [embedlite] Use default value for "apz.asyncscroll.throttle". Contributes to JB#39581
      63b9cdd0 [embedlite] Increase low precision tile opacity to 1.0. Contributes to JB#39557
      9fee5995 Cleanup unused Surface format converter helper
      e76df9cf Sync WindowCreator with nsIWindowCreator2 interface
      2bca8cca Adding missing overrides to EmbedLiteXulAppInfo to sync with nsIXULRuntime
      38e27cd1 Disable json message (de)serialization from TabChildHelper
      b274d7ea Fix EmbedLiteAppService to use nsPIDOMWindow
      1d30d931 Cleanup mozilla/WidgetUtils.h from public headers
      18ac848c Align to nsWidgetInitData changes
      245d08e7 Align internal API of EmbedLiteJSON to upstream
      5413f780 Disable EmbedLiteJSON implementation for now
      ac773d17 Adapt WebBrowserChrome
      817c7a68 Adapt EmbedLiteViewBaseChild
      7f20b6dc Adapt to nsIWidget changed
      4a8baa3a Fix DirProvider include
      148c0757 Sync to TabChildBase API
      96aac6e0 Align to upstream commit sha1 bd056134
      5c3acc63 Change nsRefPtrs to RefPtrs
      281380dd Adapt EmbedLiteContentProcess and nsEmbedFunctions to newer API
      313efd0b CompositorParentStuff
      e59245eb Add missing implementations to the EmbedContentController
      42c8b4c3 Change unused to Unused
      041bc56a Improve embedlite trace logs
      d23e956c [embedlite] Fix EmbedLog to use MOZ_LOG. Fixes JB#37154
      32dbbc80 Change ScreenRotation enum to uint32
      b79e3562 Fix ipdls
      68ad42c3 ComputeTileSize has been made private. Thus, do not use
      47391dbb Fix compositor to build
      36eae2b9 [embedlite] FAIL_ON_WARNINGS cannot be declared in moz.build files
      91e1c05a [embedlite] Use objdir-relative SOURCES instead of GENERATED_SOURCES.
      62b520a4 [embedlite] Update width and height based on margins. Contributes to JB#36749
      5848cd87 [embedlite] Add ScrollBy and ScrollTo methods. Contributes to JB#36705
      9eb09ef6 Code indentation fix
      f86324ad [embedlite] Fix browser crash upon exit. Fixes JB#36633
      2de4f336 [embedlite] Set egl surface size. Contributes to JB#36509
      b6924ca4 [embedlite] Guard swaping while reading platform image. Contributes to JB#36158
      52739e08 Merge branch 'jb35134' into 'nemo_embedlite_38'
      bfb7c6bd [embedlite] Align Mozilla event name define naming used in WebBrowserChrome
      0cf35e23 [embedlite] Only widget hosting window can create compositor. Fixes JB#35134
      dac73647 Merge branch 'jb35465' into 'nemo_embedlite_38'
      aceb1345 [embedlite] Enable skia rendering backend. Fixes JB#35465
      9beb8b46 Merge branch 'jb35100' into 'nemo_embedlite_38'
      49c89738 [embedlite] Enable new cache backend. Fixes JB#35436
      448caef7 [embedlite] Fix offscreen rendering pipeline creation. Contributes to JB#35100
      ba772167 [embedlite] Use system nspr and nss
      8ccfa0b9 [embedlite] Guard PreRender with visibility and active state. Fixes JB#32879
      fb841c87 [pref] Add comments for the layout.scroll.root-frame-containers
      b3b67870 [pref] Merge "optimize images memory usage" from embedlite_31
      f03a7059 [pref] Disable dom watchdog preference
      d1922332 [pref] Match media.cache.* and media.video to the fennec
      4f8b7b2a [pref] Merge gc perferences from fennec
      325ed5ac [pref] Decrease session history content viewer timeout
      77e493ea [pref] Add default desktop viewport width and zoom level
      d7a85af1 [pref] Cleanup async pan zoom preferences
      6a24cd2a [pref] Update "these should help performance" preferences
      8078554f [pref] Reduce HTTP idle connection timeout
      7c3c50db Merge branch 'patchesPorted' into 'nemo_embedlite_38'
      b5ed4b97 [embedlite] Workaround for browser crash during window close JB#29415
      f6847655 Schedule texture rendering upon ResumeRender
      2facd62a [embedlite] Disable gstreamer blacklist
      31b632f8 [embedlite] Retranslate async messages to global and content frame message managers
      9eb3c278 [embedlite] Add implementation of nsITabChild to TabChildHelper
      a03092b0 [embedlite] Send AsyncScrollDOMEvent only for the root frame. Fixes JB#32828
      701484b8 Merge pull request #87 from rojkov/embedlite_38_setdpi
      71b9f471 [embedlite] Update viewport upon margin update
      e3a03fdc Add API for setting APZC's DPI
      b0d1a5ad Merge pull request #85 from tworaz/for_upstream/spec_cleanup
      9ca3fa21 Merge pull request #86 from tworaz/for_upstream/compositor_handling_refactoring
      75b41f14 Make sure system sqlite library is used for mer builds.
      93431df8 [embedlite] Make it possible to shut down the engine grecefully.
      2c5e703f [embedlite] Continue using root frame scroll containers for now.
      a250176e [embedlite] Make EmbedLiteWindowListener::CompositingFinished more reliable.
      2c281620 [embedlite] Expose nsIBaseWidget::PreRender in EmbedLite public API.
      d2a5951d [embedlite] Cleanup the code, make sure Qt/Quick based embed widget works.
      b75956ce [embedlite] Implement support for HTML5 Screen Orientation API.
      60d5378d [embedlite] Fix touch event handling in v38.
      e8481b4d [embedlite] Drop no longer needed workaround.
      acbc7d22 [embedlite] Add support for setting view margins.
      dc89a06e [embedlite] Introduce explicit top level window object into EmbedLite API.
      28af69a5 [rpm] Improve Mer/SailfishOS  RPM spec file for EmbedLite 38.
      cf674d17 Merge pull request #76 from tworaz/for_upstream/fix_touch_serialization
      5403451e Merge pull request #79 from tworaz/for_upstream/compute_tile_size
      7106bbea Merge pull request #78 from tworaz/for_upstream/unnecessary_event_copy
      16d5211e [embedlite] Don't create unnecessary copy of MultiTouchInput event.
      841685c7 [embedlite] Trigger tile size computation from EmbedLitePuppetWidget::Create.
      e668c523 [embedlite] Enable meta viewport support.
      e7538b6e [embedlite] Fix touch event serialization.
      699e260a Add an API for posting external tasks to compositor thread. Contributes to JB#30162.
      872de3fa Merge pull request #72 from tworaz/for_upstream/jb30162_external_gl_context
      dd4a8d0f Expose an API for throttling nsRefreshDriver. Contributes to JB#30183
      e214344b [embedlite] Add support for creating external GL context early. JB#30162
      51366e04 [embedlite] Add support for using external compositor GL context.
      56026890 Merge pull request #70 from tworaz/for_upstream/mer_gstreamer_1_0
      780425f3 [Mer] Switch to gstreamr 1.0
      57d9b884 Revert "Remove some unnecessary/dead code from TabChild."
      a4eddcda Remove some unnecessary/dead code from TabChild.
      a4ac08d6 Use Pause/Resume methods from CompositorParent. JB#29532
      5d9f7fa6 [embedlite] Limit the number of active layers
      6bf67df7 [embedlite] Check presence of event handler before using it
      d972c78a Fixed embedlite branch compilation
      7a5ccc59 Add DrawWindowUnderlay implementation for embedlite. rainemak
      b36d3531 [embedlite] Add RequestGLContext back to EmbedLitePuppetWidget
      ff4fa4fe [embedlite] Add DrawWindowOverlay implementation for embedlite
      044ef5ff [embedlite] Add ScheduleUpdate method for EmbedLiteView
      eb25d678 [xulrunner] Add screen rotation API
      eb2629b4 EmbedLite: Fix build with accessibility enabled.
      0549d837 [embedlite] Return a valid pointer, also if GetPlatformImage() returned false.
      becb5223 [embedlite] Update last compose time in compositor. JB#28854
      e4db14a7 [embedlite] Fix build
      9d5536ac [embedlite] Replace macros with C++ keywords
      a30b4e14 [fmp4] Disable fmp4
      3a99b803 Merge commit '6dcfd648' into embedlite
      0fdde227 Merge pull request #47 from rojkov/jb25378
      596328ba [embedlite] Don't dispatch NS_COMPOSITION_UPDATE to widget
      5451182d Fixed back threaded embedlite backend
      9a78e2ee Fixed build with latest upstream
      e2f1868d [pref] Drop unused preference from embedding.js
      18b3279b Hackish fix for preferences usage in Parent process. Added basic composito initialization in Parent process
      760553ed [embedlite] Do not publish frame if screen is empty
      3ff30b62 [embedlite] Don't transform screen point to layout point for MultiInputTouch
      891c6625 Set sIsEmbedlite only when we are in PROCESS mode
      229a25d6 Implemented basic compositor initialization using standard gecko cross process compositor with few tricks
      deb051e6 Added basic implementation of EmbedliteCompositorParent for process backend
      a8905917 Fixed double EmbedLiteApp initialization in process backend Fixed start and shutdown with full cleanup in process backend
      4d1cd19a Fixed initialization and shutdown of Embedlite process backend with view created
      febcb95e [prefs] Stick to old cache backend
      26570be3 Merge commit '7ebdc178' into embedlite, dummy merge
      8e0c14ba Added basic composito allocation
      b3b6d449 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/embedlite' into embedlite_processImpl
      9443ea2c [viewport] Don't recalculate viewport until before-first-paint is emitted
      25a92e7f Don't instantiate unneeded gfx::IntSize
      4ae94f86 Added PCompositor parent to the App protocol
      2376234c Rebase ViewProcessParent to use EmbedLiteViewBaseParent
      1b42f3f1 Switch to AppChild base
      0990dc11 Rebase ViewParent classes
      323fe7e4 Merge branch 'embedlite' into embedlite_processImpl
      d4dc48f6 Revert breaking changes
      f30b5953 Merge pull request #40 from siteshwar/gd-40
      403053d1 [pref] Don't decode more than 24 images eagerly
      d95ddb24 Allow creating private windows
      23365da9 Updated
      6acecfe0 Created base class for ViewChild versions Make it compile overall
      a275fea4 Implemented URL Loading
      718aab60 Implemented basic view creation
      b7126774 Merge branch 'embedlite' into embedlite_processImpl
      be347781 Provide old screen size when tab helper expects it
      985593a9 Added initial window build
      2ddfb7d8 Added basic implementation for ViewProcess, not real, just view protocol activation
      03b133f1 Fixed embedLiteCoreInitTest to exit nice without crashes and leaks
      c45a1923 Added some stub for executing embedLiteCoreInitTest
      367d2afd Implemented XPCOM initialization in Process backend
      2034ebda Initial version of EmbedLite process backend
      8edc7eeb Merge commit 'c86c5869' into embedlite
      3b044836 Mark actor's interface non-overridable explicitly
      4600082e Exploit reference counting for View actors
      d85c7111 Simplify view creation
      b6d19c27 Enable overscroll preferences
      68f5a695 Backout vsync
      0d7df7be Updated inputBlockId handling
      df6a98ec Fixed tests after landing bug 1077148
      d700002c Workarounded TimeStamp == assert
      6492e88a Merge pull request #29 from rojkov/stateful-embedliteapp
      1efc815b Merge pull request #31 from rojkov/embedlite-nonfunctional
      14824c9f Make EmbedLiteApp aware of its internal state
      7cf64357 Remove async keyword which is the default
      d7608081 Cancel compositor task that cannot be completed
      c138b7d5 Nullify MessageLoop::state_ before destruction
      7f55df4e Drop unused member EmbedLiteSubThread::mParentLoop
      aaf1e474 Cleanup embedlite make files
      d2899261 Added embedlite specific content controller, which would not require changes in embedding clients when GeckoContentController is changed
      f03b1748 Fixed embedlite compilation on latest upstream
      1dcdcbb9 Check if shared surface is null while retreiving frames
      92881466 Fixed some crashes in embedlite multiple view management. make test with VIEW_COUNT=40 reproduce 100% bug 935846
      6fd383bc Added possibility to run view test with custom views count
      a7038099 Move async tests back to original files
      491497b5 Implemented full destroy sequence in ASYNC mode
      119abc80 Switch to PEmbedLiteAppParent interface, cleanup view interface
      3e00c8d7 Revert "Added EmbedLiteAppIface in order to abstract embedliteApp from thread based IPC interface."
      201dbc79 Added simple test with view involved
      583567ca Fixed startup and shutdown for application with async event loop
      f8b3cf26 Added test for ASYNC event loop
      a194ae05 Fixed missing mozmemory on desktop builds
      ce388319 Drop obsolete API
      4acac371 Removed obsolete API
      d290f961 Merge commit '9fcdf867' into regress_9fcdf867
      27647dd0 Fixed compilation with upstream
      53941831 Removed missing method
      7a9e3f46 Fixed embedlite compilation
      f19aac31 Removed OSLIBS from Makefile
      5d5f16b5 [gcc-fix] Moved public dctor of ref-counted classes to protected. Now compiles on gcc483
      72e6b4d8 Added EmbedLiteAppIface in order to abstract embedliteApp from thread based IPC interface.
      0b2c2993 Fixed upstream compilation
      fe57fec5 Fixed build issues
      a64f6f5c Fix viewport rectange issues for embedview test
      3db8ee7d Fixed unit tests compilation
      b8f0774f Fixed build issues, followup to Bug 1063318
      a89fa9af Fixed compilation issues
      2a37433f Merge branch 'regress_7d604b16' into embedlite
      67527597 Backed out Bug 1010584, because it breaks OMTC compositing. Updated to latest upstream
      234ceaeb Merge commit '93c2d2c4' into regress_93c2d2c4
      d4c3a9ff Merge commit '7d604b16' into embedlite
      2aa5a2a8 Added partial implementation for context suspend/resume functionality
      dd8775dd [embedlite] fix text events for predictive text input
      5bc8f08f Fixed Embedlite compilation with latest upstream
      483dca7f Drop workaround for 977015
      8078a05a Enable APZ
      0244f2a7 Followup fix to the bug Bug 1004630
      1611e1b2 Merge commit '8d0205cf' into embedlite
      8fef9d3e Explicitly add headers for external types and values
      22ff97a4 Drop unused variable in gtest's moz.build
      56f6c0d4 Cleanup Embedlite api's
      83c781b3 Fixed embedlite compilation with latest upstream
      2653a10a Merge branch 'embedlite' of github.com:tmeshkova/gecko-dev into embedlite
      c0fe21ed Fixed build wit latest upstream gecko
      e5ce4ee1 Fixed static compilation assert on desktop builds
      ace7f38e [embedlite] Avoid sending messages to non-existing render frame actor
      175a095e Fixed crash on closing window
      e5a1ea68 Merge branch 'embedlite' of github.com:tmeshkova/gecko-dev into embedlite
      bcddf722 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into embedlite
      23d2089a Merge pull request #19 from rojkov/embedlite
      24e3e751 [xulrunner] Protect EmbedLiteApp from dereferencing null pointer
      712ad5a1 Try make context as force current, helps to get current context back after suspend/resumes.
      f6471344 EmbedLite does not provide good info about network yet, let's disable it for now.
      7a55d949 Switch EmbedLiteViewImplIface into idl format
      4d13ec0a Followup bug 1025553
      8c325675 [embedlite] Don't resume unsuspended view
      375ab9e0 Check GL context for current in Render to avoid unexpected situation
      82d344f0 Use AutoNoJS for all WindowUtil calls
      1d222492 Don't recalculate viewport for wrong presShell
      bdcea948 Fixed build issues
      2d3ee83e Cleanup merge leftovers, compositor cleanup
      203c37e8 Merge branch 'embedlite_compositorReworkProtectedVersion' into embedlite
      80790a75 Implemented clean version of derived compositor
      cffc00aa Change preference defaults to match to Android port
      618dd3cf Cleanup Compositor
      2b1dbd99 Remove old hacks around compositor destroy functionality
      cee8876b Reset wrapper
      c6e9454a Make embed Core init test pass.
      171f479c Attempt to rewrite Compositor using simple interface approach and always in offscreen mode
      e896436e Added initial version of gtest for Embedlite
      2abb6a2b Enable default xul app info always
      62f1594b Added weak reference interface
      3526de8f Fixed compilation for bug 514280
      a82cb73a Added temporary hack for rendering first compositor frame in offscreen mode
      98b88976 Merge pull request #15 from rainemak/fixLocationChanged
      2604f74d Sync to latest trunk, removed dependency on qt media resource policy
      0d53e45f Call nsIEmbedBrowserChromeListener::OnLocationChanged with an exposable url
      da9e6c7c Fixed resize probem with offscreen rendering
      f2646623 Browser with gecko30 stops rendering after being in background
      90599b67 Update to latest version from bug 900908
      8bc8fdae Merge commit 'cfd53670' into embedlite
      10e1a757 Bug 983208 - Fix progressive tile update calculations. r=botond, a=lsblakk, broke layers.low-precision-buffer without layers.progressive-paint Disable low precision preference for now
      b33193dc Enforce offscreen context creation
      11f52d5f Cleanup compositor code
      30f1a81a Merge branch 'embedlite' into tm_glcontext_wrapping
      f80416a3 Sync with latest bug 994856 changes
      7f021507 Initialize content listeners with frame metrics as soon as they are known
      478aa1ae Call init if current contex match context parameter
      7432b0ae Prepare GL context changes for upstream
      34b257d9 Fix booster startup
      9c4020bd Merge branch 'up_76492615' into embedlite
      ce542250 Fixed dir provider compilation
      ef67dc8a Fixed build for sb2 target
      704f5d91 Merge commit '2dfec063' into embedlite
      b9e90081 Fixed compiling bugs and bug 990869
      8ce9ca60 Remove unused EmbedLiteViewThreadParent::mInTouchProcess
      5f632c56 Added texture unit store/restore to keep embedded context in sane state
      f7d87c2d Expose texture target value into API
      22eb14dc Restore most of the Bug 971914 - Don't set and restore state constantly inside CompositorOGL. r=nical
      282a6a06 Fixed build
      9e1d2f05 Partial fix for shutdown. still need to cleanup event queue and reconsider compositor destroy
      0d3e70ec Enable Fullscreen API preferences by default
      ba1d7200 Cleanup more TabChild stuff
      03634b71 Merge commit 'c8a17e25' into embedlite
      707869d3 Sync embedlite with 26994027 changes
      ca4b5283 Allow to build most of embedlite sources in unified mode
      5be78bba Merge HandleViewportChange and share between TabChildHepers
      f6aad0d0 Remove obsolete members
      41cf25b7 Synchronize HandlePossibleViewportChange
      90f83149 Move scrolling behavior
      d2243509 Sync observe function of tabChild
      783b4812 More TabChild merging
      0b6df239 Share more TabChild stuff, messaging, helper functions
      f3d1e650 Share TabChild code, part 1
      6f5a915d Fixed work in debug mode
      2216e210 Don't allow scripts to close windows.
      8e3fe043 use AutoSafeJSContext to not crash in debug mode
      f3ec04a5 Bug 956993 - Rely on OES_EGL_image_external for SharedSurface_EGLImage r=jgilbert
      524ac3b4 Expose Window close request API
      0c7f4cf4 Sync style with b2g/chrome/content/content.css
      05a3364c [xulrunner] Make frame scrollbar invisible.
      54ef0289 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 7b878fa1 into embedlite Followup fix for bug 972555
      59be9f06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 'ef553488' into embedlite
      0c435c5f Drop ScrollUpdate API, SendAsyncScrollEvent efficient enough
      70571794 Set repaint interval values to default, and increase frequency of SendAsyncScroll notifications
      d245d116 [xulrunner] decrease APZ repaint intervals to make scroll decorators move smoother
      1caddd75 Fixed test compositon after land of bug 960866
      45931a48 Fix jumping scroll decorators
      c47c017b Part 1 - Deal with race when concurrently updating scroll offset from APZ and other places
      ccb7a8f3 Bug 937317 - Make TabChildGlobal implement nsIGlobalObject. (embedlite version) r=bz
      9a187eeb Enable tiled thebes rendering back to embedlit
      78032294 Fixed pan/fling repaint intervals
      eed5cc32 Merge branch 'embedlite' into embedlite_upgrade
      e961fb66 Sync embedlite API's with new APZC, need better sync and merge into embedlite_29 branch Merge commit 'dcea739f' into embedlite_upgrade
      019f841a Fixed bug 957504
      36ad22a0 Fix zoom-to-rect upon double tap
      3d0279ed Merge branch 'embedlite' into embedlite_upgrade
      7c7b3598 Merged with upstream
      4a809a2a Apply viewport changes on View Resize
      17bbace4 Folowup change for js jit hardfp problem, make zoom constraints work correctly, full sync of sync-tab branch
      7a63920a Merge sync tab branch
      8c62bf45 Apply more changes from sync-tab branch
      9be263f8 Applied embedlite part for orientation changes
      b26a5417 Fixed compilation
      7c87d5dc Switch to new Qt5 widget port
      9acebbe9 Add up-to-date IPDL interface for zooming API
      54c946d9 Initialize GeckoController as soon as possible and setup compositor when it is ready
      31786990 Drop old API
      1456827b Merge remote-tracking branch 'c574bba7' into embedlite_upgrade
      f6d0799b Merge remote-tracking branch 'c2d8037f' into embedlite_upgrade
      765175ff Merge commit '163ee613' into embedlite_upgrade
      6f6272eb Merge branch 'embedlite' into embedlite_upgrade
      2cd6d750 Fixed passing proper scroll guid when blocking zoom on touch
      e1227822 Merge commit 'c0dd1c1e' into embedlite_upgrade
      7cd09ca8 Fixed zooming (followup to bug 957790)
      3b6cd0b3 Merge commit '073cad9d' into embedlite_upgrade
      5155b5e2 Merge commit '22ef961b' into embedlite_upgrade
      92445a02 Merge commit 'e396fc15' into embedlite_upgrade
      7bacd4ac Added workaround for bug 957504
      923a972c Added gfxPlatform include
      7d60680a Update old message
      3947b3ef Fixed SW rendering with embedlite
      868dcb0e Disable SetIsBrowserInsideApp, because download manager does not allow to pass custom window load context
      2eea155a Cleanup embedlite branch from obsolete changes
      38dc1b4c Enable scrollable iframes for embedlite 1) Fix scroll styles, so mH/VScrollBox are not null 2) Added preference which would allow to enable apzc sub layers
      6038625d Sync TabChildHelper.cpp with TabChild.cpp
      f24c27fb Remove UpdateScrollOffset completely
      7e4bef79 Apply fix from bug 949132
      805e0bd3 Temporary return updateScrollOffset API
      b311ec6f Merge commit '3b7de5fb' into embedlite_upgrade_3b7de5fb - ?
      8e5e6f59 Fixed js stack assertion
      32b74f22 Merge commit '8424078a' into embedlite_upgrade_8424078a. Scrolling jumps (UpdateScrollOffset removal consequences)
      db1501e8 GOOD Merge commit '3290b08b' into embedlite_upgrade_3290b08b.
      eb2dcea2 Created embedlite branch based on 9345aa8e of gecko-dev repository.
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      Squashed 'embedding/embedlite/' content from commit 4560773f · 28c09d18
      Raine Makelainen authored
      git-subtree-dir: embedding/embedlite
      git-subtree-split: 4560773f
  6. 06 Sep, 2018 1 commit