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    Bug 1428182 - 6b. Support unified headers in Breakpad code; r=ted · 3daaf655
    Jim Chen authored
    Fix several problems when building Breakpad with new NDK unified
    - Unified headers define its own tgkill wrapper, so rename our own
      wrapper to __tgkill.
    - Unified headers define user_fpxregs_struct for all API levels, so
      don't redefine it.
    - Only the target sources under google-breakpad/src/common/linux should
      use custom Android headers, so change the includes line in moz.build to
      use OS_INCLUDES.
    MozReview-Commit-ID: HGnUMu5vDUM
    extra : rebase_source : f5c29c9949a48a8376f84dcc676e5f8df886f130