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    Bug 1378592 - Remove MOZ_REPLACE_MALLOC_LINKAGE. r=froydnj · ed863255
    Mike Hommey authored
    MOZ_REPLACE_MALLOC_LINKAGE was added back when there were problems with
    getting weak references working properly for replace-malloc.
    Versions of OSX < 10.6 needed flat namespace, but aren't supported
    Versions of Xcode < 4.5 required flat namespace + a dummy library in
    order to produce proper weak references. There is virtually nobody still
    building with such an ancient toolchain.
    Keeping those around doesn't /really/ hurt, except recent versions of
    Xcode don't expose dyldinfo in /usr/bin, used for the configure test.
    Consequently, MOZ_REPLACE_MALLOC_LINKAGE ended up being set to use the
    dummy library setup, which, by using flat namespace, now causes harm in
    bug 1356701, causing bug 1378332.
    extra : rebase_source : e3edc1f2cf905943c33fafeb631f2f88fc87167e