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    Bug 1407432 - Move system wrapper generation to moz.build; r=froydnj · 615e689f
    Mike Shal authored
    The make-system-wrappers.py invocation is largely identical to
    make-stl-wrappers.py, though this script generates wrappers for both the
    STL headers and every other system header that can be used.
    Note that the nsprpub script didn't create multiple layers of
    subdirectories properly, so for example the 'ia64/sys/inline.h' wrapper
    is now generated properly. Additionally, MOZ_SYSTEM_ICU define was
    incorrectly using '#ifdef' instead of '#if ... == 1', which causes those
    unicode headers to have wrappers when they shouldn't. These will show up
    as differences when comparing the Makefile output to the moz.build
    MozReview-Commit-ID: KvQAawfzXao
    extra : source : 5a967cc85e28e63c283a81e2c76444a76dfbd266