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    Bug 969164 - Traverse js/src moz.builds from top-level configure. r=gps · 69e70086
    Mike Hommey authored
    Before, we would run configure in both top-level and js/src, and both
    configures would traverse their own set of moz.builds, without actual
    knowledge about the other. With this change, both configures still run,
    but only top-level traverses moz.build files, and uses js/src's
    config.status when traversing its moz.build files. This allows a better
    sharing of information between both build systems and the removal of many
    This also moves running libffi and icu configure to top-level.
    Standalone js builds still have their own configure doing moz.build traversal,
    as before.
    rename : config/autoconf.mk.in => config/autoconf-js.mk.in
    rename : config/emptyvars.mk.in => config/emptyvars-js.mk.in