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    Bug 1439742 - Pre: Lift AB_rCD to ambient Make environment. r=ted.mielczarek · 28bdb508
    Nick Alexander authored
    I wanted to lift this next to the definition of AB_CD, but that
    doesn't allow to use it in a backend.mk file, due to the order in
    which Makefile, config.mk, rules.mk, and backend.mk are processed.
    Therefore, I've put it in a tiny include file, so that it can be used
    by a Makefile and a backend.mk file.
    This allows the `RecursiveMake` backend to owning defining AB_rCD in
    backend.mk files, while not requiring consumers to arrange for AB_rCD
    in a sibling Makefile.in file.
    Other build backends will need to arrange for AB_rCD themselves: see
    following commits.
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