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    Bug 1077228 - Include the right autoconf.mk in GLOBAL_DEPS. r=mshal · 75a8d98f
    Mike Hommey authored
    Ever since bug 969164, the js build system, when building gecko (not when
    building standalone) uses a autoconf-js.mk file for its config.
    One of the suboptimal ways we have to retrigger builds when the build
    configuration changes (changes to e.g. configure.in can do that) is to
    make most things depend on autoconf.mk. Which unfortunately doesn't
    account for the fact the js/src subdirectory uses a different file.
    In practice, this means that some classes of changes to the js build
    system, not accompanied with toplevel build system changes may no
    trigger the corresponding rebuilds in the js subtree on incremental
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