Commit b628b75f authored by coopdot's avatar coopdot

Fixed å key so it produces 0xc5.

The letter å (latin letter a with ring above) is 0xc5. The previous value 0xc2 is â (latin letter a with circumflex).
parent 363c60ef
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
["ctrl", 0x4000000, "", 0x0]
["alt", 0x8000000, "", 0x0]
["å", 0xc2, "", 0x0]
["å", 0xc5, "", 0x0]
[",", 0x2c, ";", 0x3b]
[[[" ", 0x20, "", 0x0]]]
[".", 0x2e, ":", 0x3a]
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