Commit a38e153d authored by Lorn Potter's avatar Lorn Potter

[connectionagent] Do not send connectionRequest if there is a service

available that is auto connectable.

This fixes condition when changing from one tech to another and
there is a dns lookup error that causes a connectionRequest from
connman in the moment between connections.
parent 2147d2fd
......@@ -170,7 +170,15 @@ void QConnectionAgent::onConnectionRequest()
sendConnectReply("Suppress", 15);
qDebug() << flightModeSuppression;
if (!flightModeSuppression) {
bool okToRequest = true;
Q_FOREACH (const QString &path, servicesMap.keys()) {
qDebug() << "checking" <<servicesMap.value(path)->name() << servicesMap.value(path)->autoConnect();
if (servicesMap.value(path)->autoConnect()) {
okToRequest = false;
if (!flightModeSuppression && okToRequest) {
Q_EMIT connectionRequest();
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