Commit 8f6ee46a authored by Raine Makelainen's avatar Raine Makelainen

Merge branch 'jb38834' into 'master'

Register DBus object/service in correct order

See merge request !3
parents f75337af 7fc73c32
......@@ -47,18 +47,16 @@ QConnectionAgent::QConnectionAgent(QObject *parent) :
qDebug() << Q_FUNC_INFO;
new ConnAdaptor(this);
QDBusConnection dbus = QDBusConnection::sessionBus();
if (!dbus.registerService(CONND_SERVICE)) {
qDebug() << "XXXXXXXXXXX could not register service XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
if (!dbus.registerObject(CONND_PATH, this)) {
qDebug() << "QConnectionAgent: Could not register object to path" << CONND_PATH;
valid = false;
if (!dbus.registerObject(CONND_PATH, this)) {
qDebug() << "XXXXXXXXXXX could not register object XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
if (!dbus.registerService(CONND_SERVICE)) {
qDebug() << "QConnectionAgent: could not register service" << CONND_SERVICE;
valid = false;
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