Commit 5687abda authored by Hannu Mallat's avatar Hannu Mallat

[connectionagent] Check for null pointer before debugging

Check pointer value before debugging to avoid null pointer
parent 576ad3a5
......@@ -497,7 +497,10 @@ void QConnectionAgent::technologyPowerChanged(bool powered)
NetworkTechnology *tech = static_cast<NetworkTechnology *>(sender());
if (tech->type() != "wifi")
qDebug() << tetheringWifiTech->name() << powered;
if (tetheringWifiTech)
qDebug() << tetheringWifiTech->name() << powered;
qDebug() << "tetheringWifiTech is null";
if (netman && powered && delayedTethering) {
// wifi tech might not be ready, so delay this
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