Commit e13f2b5a authored by jpetrell's avatar jpetrell

Merge branch 'jb51663' into 'master'

[commhistoryd] Fix regression with the missed call secondary actions. Fixes JB#51663

See merge request mer-core/commhistory-daemon!48
parents 53f8dcaa 9c4cb501
......@@ -299,10 +299,15 @@ bool PersonalNotification::hidden() const
bool PersonalNotification::hasPhoneNumber() const
if (m_eventType == CommHistory::Event::SMSEvent || m_eventType == CommHistory::Event::MMSEvent || m_eventType == VOICEMAIL_SMS_EVENT_TYPE) {
switch (m_eventType) {
case CommHistory::Event::SMSEvent:
case CommHistory::Event::MMSEvent:
case CommHistory::Event::CallEvent:
return CommHistory::normalizePhoneNumber(m_remoteUid, true).length() > 0;
return false;
return false;
void PersonalNotification::setRemoteUid(const QString& remoteUid)
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