Commit 957e6021 authored by flypig's avatar flypig Committed by flypig

[calligra] Add optimisations for importing readonly XLSX docs. Contributes to JB#13262

This adds a number of optimisations when importing readonly XLSX format

1. Use the pre-calculated cell content values rather than performing a
full recalculation using the cell formulae.

2. Calculate a minimal containing rectangle around the cells with
content and import only those cells + a fixed border (5 cells by
default). Cells with only a background colour are ignored. This avoids
having to import large areas of empty cells (which are a common
occurrence in Excel files, since they're generate if the user selects an
entire column/row and applies a style to it).

The following additional compile-time cmake flags are also added.


Controls the maximum number of columns to import. Defaults to 0x7FFF,
the maximum supported by Calligra.


Controls the maximum number of rows to import. Defaults to 0xFFFFF, the
maximum supported by Calligra.


The size of border to add around the minimal containing rectangle for
read only documents. Defaults to 5.
parent cab4cfac
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......@@ -35,12 +35,13 @@ Patch14: calligra-error-reporting.patch
Patch15: calligra-sheets.patch
# to be removed after Qt upgrade
Patch16: calligra-sheets-read-time.patch
Patch18: calligra-cache.patch
Patch19: calligra-qtdbus.patch
Patch20: calligra-background.patch
Patch21: calligra-invalidate-cache.patch
Patch17: calligra-cache.patch
Patch18: calligra-qtdbus.patch
Patch19: calligra-background.patch
Patch20: calligra-invalidate-cache.patch
Patch22: calligra-sheets-csvimport.patch
Patch21: calligra-sheets-csvimport.patch
Patch22: calligra-sheets-optimise.patch
......@@ -185,6 +186,7 @@ BuildRequires: extra-cmake-modules >= 5.34.0
%patch14 -d upstream -p1
%patch15 -d upstream -p1
%patch16 -d upstream -p1
%patch17 -d upstream -p1
%patch18 -d upstream -p1
%patch19 -d upstream -p1
%patch20 -d upstream -p1
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