1. 24 May, 2021 2 commits
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      Disable bluez5 for now · bb85bcf3
      pvuorela authored
      Having runtime error on connecting the signal so not sure how well it
      really works. Also we are not using bluetooth sync much these days and
      didn't have it enabled either before the bluez5 port.
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      Merge branch 'feat/bluez5v2' into 'master' · 96d60a0b
      pvuorela authored
      Updated to use bluez5
      See merge request !39
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      Updated to use bluez5 · 5365ff94
      deloptes authored
       - normalized slots
       - moved update note from TransportTracker.h to TransportTracker.cpp
       - reworked onInterfacesAdded and onInterfacesRemoved using better logic and
         added addAdapterInterface() with a timer as commented by Slava Monich and Damien Caliste
       - follow up on \!39 discussions
       - removed InterfacesList from TransportTracker as it has no advantage over QStringList
       - remove btOn in TransportTracker and use string constant from TransportTracker in TransportTrackerTest
       - add HAVE_BLUEZ_5 and enable HAVE_BLUEZ_5 by default, use #ifdef instead of #if consistently
       - introducing BtCommon.h to hold BT related string
       - Update after commit fd1beef1Signed-off-by: deloptes's avatarEmanoil Kotsev <deloptes@gmail.com>
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      Merge branch 'jb52916-plugin-api' into 'master' · 1df6a2cc
      blam authored
      [buteo-syncfw] Rework buteo plugin API for out-of-process-plugins API and add buteo-oopp-runner. JB#52916
      See merge request !60
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      [buteo-syncfw] Rework buteo plugin API for out-of-process-plugins API and add... · 36e1cf98
      Bea Lam authored
      [buteo-syncfw] Rework buteo plugin API for out-of-process-plugins API and add buteo-oopp-runner. JB#52916
      The current out-of-process plugin API requires plugins to compile in
      various .cpp files that are bundled in the devel package headers. This
      means all plugins compile in the same source files when they could
      just link in some plugin header files instead, and be launched by a
      plugin helper binary.
      Move the plugin helper files into oopp-runner and add a
      buteo-oopp-runner binary that launches out-of-process plugins. This
      breaks source compatibility for plugins as they now need to add a
      Buteo::SyncPluginLoader or Buteo::StoragePluginLoader subclass that
      creates and destroys the plugin class as necessary.
      DummyClient and DummyServer in unittests/dummyplugins have been
      updated to reflect the changes.
      The template generation tools have been removed as they are no longer
      used and were also generating code for outdated API.
      Plugins are now determined to be out-of-process purely based on
      whether they are installed in /usr/lib/buteo-plugins-qt5 (in-process)
      or /usr/lib/buteo-plugins-qt5/oopp (out-of-process).
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