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    [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Fix Google calendar event duplication. Contributes to JB#47783 · f058f4bb
    chriadam authored
    This commit fixes several issues which together could lead to errors
    which result in event duplication in some cases.
    - sync anchor timestamp is now stored exclusively in the notebook
      as the syncDate property, to avoid atomicity issues
    - sync anchor token is now stored exclusively in the notebook
      as a custom property (instead of account setting) to avoid
      atomicity issues
    - detection of server-side sync token invalidation has been
      improved, allowing the sync envelope to be tweaked appropriately
    - detection of events copied between calendars via Google web UI
      has been added, to ensure we don't attempt to store multiple
      events with the same UID (which could trigger a clean-sync cycle).
    It also bumps the plugin version to ensure that a clean sync will
    be triggered on the first run, to clean up any duplications which
    may have previously occurred.
    Contributes to JB#47783
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