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    [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Discard spurious local addition due to downsync.... · 747fe3f4
    chriadam authored
    [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Discard spurious local addition due to downsync. Contributes to JB#47783
    Previously, we would determine that local additions caused by a
    downsync during the previous sync cycle should be treated as
    local modifications, and upsynced.
    This commit checks whether a local modification has indeed occurred
    by checking the lastModified date stamp, and if no modification has
    occurred, discarding the change to prevent spurious upsync.
    It also fixes a bug where the wrong "since" date time would be used
    when determining the local changeset, as it may be using one from
    a different notebook by mistake.  This commit updates the code so
    that the appropriate previous sync date for the specific notebook
    is used.
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