Commit e6210747 authored by chriadam's avatar chriadam

[buteo-sync-plugins-social] Updated kcalcore exports exclusive dtEnd. Contributes to JB#47814

parent a90e5c55
......@@ -437,7 +437,8 @@ QJsonObject kCalToJson(KCalCore::Event::Ptr event, KCalCore::ICalFormat &icalFor
if (event->dtEnd().isDateOnly() || (event->allDay() && event->dtEnd().time() == QTime(0,0,0))) {
// note: for iCal spec, allDay events need to have an end date of real-end-date+1 as end date is exclusive.
end.insert(QLatin1String("date"), QLocale::c().toString(event->dateEnd().addDays(1), QDATEONLY_FORMAT));
// we now build kcalcore without the KCALCORE_FOR_MEEGO define, so kcalcore exports it properly for us.
end.insert(QLatin1String("date"), QLocale::c().toString(event->dateEnd(), QDATEONLY_FORMAT));
} else {
end.insert(QLatin1String("dateTime"), event->dtEnd().toString(RFC3339_FORMAT));
end.insert(QLatin1String("timeZone"), QJsonValue(event->dtEnd().toString(KLONGTZ_FORMAT)));
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