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      [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Fix handling of empty contact name. JB#48429 · 323e63d6
      blam authored
      Fix some cases that occur when both first and last name are empty for
      a contact:
      - The "N" field was set to a string containing semicolons, and this
      string was escaped when encoded by QVersitWriter. To avoid this
      escaping, add the property as a string list CompoundType instead of a
      - Don't include the first/last name in the "N" values as the display
      label is already added to the "FN" field anyway.
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      Bump version · 96a5a021
      chriadam authored
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      Merge branch 'jb43847' into 'master' · f956e6e7
      chriadam authored
      Fix a variety of issues with CardDAV sync with standards-compliant services
      See merge request !19
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      [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Allow sync of non .vcf resources. Contributes to MER#1863 · ff465bda
      chriadam authored
      Previously, we only synced resources returned by the server in
      response to an etags request, if those resources ended in ".vcf".
      This commit modifies the behaviour so that we assume that any resource
      which has a suffix which is not ".vcf" (e.g., ".ics" or ".eml") should
      be ignored, but other resources without a suffix should be synced.
      This allows us to sync in cases where the remote resource is found at
      a path like "/carddav/Addressbooks/personal/johnsmith" rather than
      a path like "/carddav/Addressbooks/personal/johnsmith.vcf".
      Contributes to MER#1863
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      [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Support minimal server URLs. Contributes to JB#43847 · e30631b1
      chriadam authored
      Previously, if the server URL was specified by the client like:
      instead of:
      we would not correctly populate it with the required scheme and
      path information.
      This commit ensures that we do so in that case.
      Contributes to JB#43847
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      [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Prefer definite addressbook resources. Contributes to JB#43847 · 2fd6390f
      chriadam authored
      Some services (e.g. Memotoo) do not produce output which conforms
      to the RFC, specifically they don't tag their addressbook resources
      with the appropriate resource-type tag.
      Previously, we worked around that case by assuming that a resource
      which otherwise meet the requirements must be an addressbook resource.
      This commit fixes the behaviour so that we only assume that such
      a resource is an addressbook resource if NO OTHER resources are
      explicitly tagged with the appropriate resource-type tag.
      This fixes upsync with e.g. Yandex.
      Contributes to JB#43847