1. 06 Aug, 2015 1 commit
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      Bump version · 69d6ad41
      chriadam authored
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      Merge pull request #102 from nemomobile/fixtests · c40d47f8
      chriadam authored
      [libcontacts] Fix unit tests
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      [libcontacts] Fix tst_import unit test · a80cc4f6
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      Commit 813eafc0 changed how formatted
      name (FN) properties from vCards are imported, so that now an import
      involving de-duplication can result in a single contact with multiple
      nicknames (setNickname() actually adds nicknames if the new nickname
      does not match a previously set nickname).
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      [libcontacts] Run tests with privileges · 96732850
      chriadam authored
      The contact cache provided by libcontacts is intended for use by
      privileged applications only.  Its functionality does not make sense
      for non-privileged clients, and cannot be tested correctly when
      run in non-privileged mode.
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      [libcontacts] Improve vCard contact import API · 813eafc0
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      This commit improves the SeasideImport API by allowing clients to
      specify their own SeasideContactBuilder implementation when
      converting the list of Versit documents into storage QContacts.
      The SeasideContactBuilder allows the client to parametrise things
      like the contact filter used to determine the subset of mergable
      contacts, the merge strategy to use, and so on.
  9. 12 Feb, 2015 1 commit
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      [performance] Avoid resolving addresses multiple times · 4bfe8804
      Richard Braakman authored
      Parts of commhistory (GroupManager) will send a stream of
      resolve requests with many duplicates. This used to be
      tolerable because requests were handled slowly in the
      event loop, but now that they have higher priority it has
      become a problem.
      I went for the simple solution of ignoring requests that
      are identical to still-active requests (same uids, same
      listener, same requireComplete flag). It's not optimal (we
      could combine more requests into the same backend query if we
      tried), but it solves the problem without adding a lot of
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      [performance] Schedule resolveAddress immediately · e2ab0615
      Richard Braakman authored
      resolveAddress requests are done with one query at a time, in
      order to correlate the results with the looked-up addresses.
      Doing them sequentially via UpdateRequest events added a lot
      of overhead in the form of coordination between threads.
      This commit creates a dedicated QContactFetchRequest for each
      resolveAddress call, so that the events for starting them can
      arrive all together in the backend thread and the events
      announcing the results can arrive all together in the UI thread.
      They will still be processed sequentially, but this change cuts
      out the delay between finishing one request and starting the next.
      In tests with 10k contacts and a recent contacts list with limit=20,
      this reduced the resolve time from 1s to 0.3s.
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      [libcontacts] make sure UpdateRequest processing continues · ff84e74f
      Richard Braakman authored
      The logic for scheduling UpdateRequest events broke down when
      m_contactsToAppend went empty during a fetch request; even though
      more contacts were coming in through contactsAvailable, no more
      UpdateRequest events would be scheduled until the whole request
      was complete.
      Fixed by making m_updatesPending the definitive flag for whether
      there is an UpdateRequest event on the queue, rather than leaving
      it on during the whole fetch request.
      This change is safe because the flag was only inspected by the
      requestUpdate() helper and had no side meanings. Now all
      UpdateRequest event scheduling goes through requestUpdate().
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