Commit e48bddbc authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

[libcontacts] Avoid fallback to non-name details when grouping

Including this fallback option leads to the following undesirable
  1. contact details yield a group which is not in the allGroups set
  2. the contact is originally grouped in the '#' group
  3. when the contact's addresses are later retrieved, the fallback
     code re-classifies the contact under a group derived from a
     non-name property of the contact
  4. the contact is no longer visible under the original group; the
     new group has no connection to the contact's displayed name,
     and cannot be reliably predicted by the user
parent 9ca93941
......@@ -718,15 +718,10 @@ QString SeasideCache::determineNameGroup(const CacheItem *cacheItem)
QString group;
if (!nameProperty.isEmpty()) {
group = mLocale.indexBucket(nameProperty);
} else if (!cacheItem->displayLabel.isEmpty()) {
} else if (!cacheItem->displayLabel.isEmpty()) {
group = mLocale.indexBucket(cacheItem->displayLabel);
if (group.isNull() || !allContactNameGroups.contains(group)) {
QString displayLabel = generateDisplayLabelFromNonNameDetails(cacheItem->contact);
if (!displayLabel.isEmpty())
group = mLocale.indexBucket(displayLabel);
if (group.isNull() || !allContactNameGroups.contains(group)) {
group = QString::fromLatin1("#"); // 'other' group
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